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What is Gelato?

Gelato is a style of ice cream that dates back several centuries to Italy. Since the primary ingredient in good gelato is milk, not cream, it has a softer dairy profile that should allow flavors to come through more strongly than a traditional ice cream.

What is Sorbetto?

Sorbetto flavors were originally served in southern Italy. We use water in the base instead of milk, and the flavor comes directly from the amazing fruits or cocoa. Folks often think that they’re like desserts marked “sorbet” in the grocery store – but then they realize that these flavors are so much more.

Are the flavors all natural?

Almost every flavor we offer is all-natural, and all of our primary flavors in our store are all-natural. For us, all-natural means: no artificial flavors, no artificial dyes or colorings, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Occasionally our store may offer flavors made with brand-name candies or other ingredients that may contain artificial flavors, colors, or high-fructose corn syrup. Some of our customers ask for flavors with these candies, and we offer them on special occasions or in response to these requests. These flavors are readily identifiable due to their brand or themed name and be easily avoided if they do not align with your food preferences. If you have any questions, please ask your server

Is your milk pasteurized?

Yes, it is.

How many flavors can I sample when I visit?

As many as you like!

What is the best way to serve gelato at home?

If it’s been held in the freezer, we suggest letting it sit for about five minutes to soften slightly before serving. We prefer to serve in small glass dishes, although a cereal bowl, mug, or straight out of the container will do in a pinch. Enjoy!

I tried calling and there was no answer. What's up with that?

At certain times the shop can get busy and sometimes we can’t make it to the phone. You are always welcome to leave a voicemail or, for the quickest response, send an email to info@GelatoEnvy.com

Do you except credit cards?


Can you cater our event or provide your ice cream/gelato for our party?

Yes, contact the shop for catering pricing and availability.

Can I join your team?

We’re always looking for people who will be energetic, creative members of our team committed to creating amazing desserts and customer experiences. If you’re a glass-99%-full type of person, request an application by email through the contact section of our website. Due to the number of requests received, applications are only accepted via email.

Dietary and Allergy information...

Dairy Sensitivities and Lactose Intolerance

Gelato recipes contain milk. Sorbetto recipes in our scoop shops do not include dairy ingredients. Most of our lactose-intolerant customers find that sorbetto flavors are appropriate for them.

Gluten Sensitivities

Our gelato and sorbetto bases do not contain gluten ingredients. Some specific flavor recipes may contain gluten ingredients, such as recipes that include cookies, barley malt powder, cake batter, brownie batter, brownie slabs, certain candies, beer, or other mix-in ingredients that contain wheat.

Egg Sensitivities

Our gelato and sorbetto bases do not include eggs. Eggs may be an ingredient for a small handful of specific flavors that include eggs or custard, including Tiramisu Gelato and Eggnog Gelato, and eggs are an ingredient in some bakery inclusions.

Nut Allergies

If you have a life-threatening allergy, such as a severe nut allergy, gelato scooped from our case may not be the safest choice. Our products are made with the same equipment and stored in the same freezers. Cross-contamination is a risk and are ice cream/gelato should be avoided by those with severe allergies.

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